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Dive deep into the sunny Languedoc region thanks to this carefully crafted wine set

Languedoc designates a large part of the South of France, from the tiptoes of the Pyrenees Mountain range near the Spanish boarder to the Rhône delta near Avignon, always facing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Down there the climate is hot, dry and windy roughly all year long which helps keeping at bay various vine related diseases like mildew, a fungus that eats both leaves and grapes. These unique conditions make Languedoc for a wonderful wine growing region: not too difficult to look after while also pushing the vines to dig deep and extract precious nutrients and minerals from the soil. As a result, most of the vineyards are labelled organic.

All that being said, what should you expect from Languedoc?

First of all, Languedoc is a land of experiment. Many winemakers don’t have to follow such strict winemaking or winegrowing rules as in Bordeaux for example. This has the great advantage of letting them choose what story they want to tell with their terroir.
Secondly, Languedoc is highly multicultural. You can find there very famous grapes like Chardonnay of Merlot, but also more confidential varietals like Carignan or Roussanne. If you have strong feelings towards certain grapes from certain countries, then you should definitely try out their Languedoc counterparts. In other words, if you’ve ever said “I dislike Syrah” or “I only drink Chardonnay”, trust me you need to Languedoc yourself !

How to?
Well, that’s easy: we just happen to have a 2-bottle wine set ready for you! The red, made from a 100% Carignan grape, is a generous bouquet of sweet spice while the white, made of Chardonnay, focuses on aromas of peach, apricot and white flowers.

Line up
Mas des Quernes, Le Blaireau, Languedoc
Poivre d'Âne, Éclat de Soleil, Languedoc


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