Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Natural Wine

Hello wine lovers !

It’s time we talk about Natural Wines, what they stand for and what you should expect from them.

First of all, note that there is no clear definition of what a natural wine is. Don’t look for a green mark on the back of the bottles or a logo because there is none… for the moment 😉

But how come everybody talks about it if it doesn’t exist you ask?
Let’s try to find the answer together!

According to winemaker Sébastien David, who founded the Union for the Defense of Natural Wines, which we recommend, natural wines must be:
• certified organic,
• made only from grapes,
• and contain less than 30mg of Sulfites per liter.

FYI, sulfites act both as a stabilizer and a preservative, ensuring that the wine you drink tastes roughly the same as it did when it went into the bottle. Natural winemakers either use no added sulfites or use it in small quantities, while conventional winemakers may use 10 times as much (!).

And that’s where is becomes very interesting. Contrary to popular belief, low Sulfites levels doesn’t equal to good Natural Wines, even if the grapes are organic. The rules are only here to preserve a certain ecologic standard within a highly standardized and chemicalized industry, nothing more.

So, to drink good wine, you must find a talented winemaker. One that can create beautiful gems without a single misstep and who doesn’t use tricks of any sort. The ‘art of wine’ under these strict rules is incredibly difficult, and many are those who have failed. And believe me (or not, it’s up to you 😋) when the wine tastes like socks, it’s a clear sign that its delicate microbiome has become unbalanced.

But enough talking, you’re here for the ride, aren’t you?
In this wine set, you will discover two very different natural wines. One explores new ways to create and enjoy wine; the other remains elegant and classy, loyal to a more traditional approach to winemaking, with a technician twist to it.

Domaine Sébastien David, Loire Valley
No added sulfites.

100% Cabernet Franc, aged in a terracotta amphora rolling on a conveyor belt for a year. No jokes.
Unfiltered, unfined wine. Here the acetic is rather high which provides beautiful pairing opportunities with Japanese food. It’s also a beautiful tasting experience as the deeper you go, the stronger the wine gets. At first very light and fruity, then powerful and rich. The more you drink the more texture you get on the palate and the more the wine opens too. A must try and the boss favorite!

Domaine des Poncétys, Bourgundy
Under 30mg of Sulfites.

100% Chardonnay from the Saint Véran AOC, aged in barrel for 18 months. Made by students from a public wine school (still no jokes) that fosters a unique kind of yeast allowing slow fermentations. We are talking 9-month fermentations which in turn brings a richness and a texture to the wine that we’ve never seen before. Please try 😊

¥10,500 (inc. tax)

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