apéro. in TOYAMA

After our successful event in Kyoto, we are thrilled to announce another exciting pop-up event, this time in Toyama. Our program is rich and diverse, catering to wine and French food enthusiasts, as well as professionals in the industry. We look forward to meeting you and invite you to join us in experiencing the delightful fusion of Toyama and apéro.!


DAY 1 - 10/14: dinner collab' menu with Healthian-wood "Healthian-Apéritif"
DAY 2 - 10/15: organic wine tasting and street food @ 花水木通り
DAY 3 - 10/16: professional tasting @ Bistro Le Glouton


apéro. team

apéro.For three days, Chloé and Guillaume, the founders of apéro. wine bar AOYAMA, along with Chef Timothée, will be in Toyama to share their finest wine selection and create incredible pairings with locally sourced ingredients. All the team is excited to meet wine and French food enthusiasts in Toyama!

wine differently

DAY 1: October 14th (Sat) from 17:00


"Healthian-Apéritif" is a collaboration between Chef Yasuhiro Kumano of Healthian-wood and Chef Timothée of apéro. wine bar AOYAMA. Enjoy a relaxed, family-friendly menu available from early evening, perfectly complemented by a selection of apéro. Afterwards, you can take a leisurely sunset walk through the countryside with a glass of wine in hand.

All prices below include tax:
- Wine by the glass: ¥1,000~
- Wine by the bottle: ¥5,000 ~
- Chef's collaboration menu "Healthian-Apéritif "¥8,000 (reservation is required)


DAY 2: October 15th (Sun) 11:00-20:00


apéro. is organizing a tasting and sales event on Hanamizuki Street in the town of Toyama. Experience delightful wine pairings with street food and desserts that perfectly complement the wines. You can also take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Toyama, enjoying snacks along the way, all accompanied by your favorite wines.

All prices below include tax:
- Street food: ¥1,000~
- Wine by the glass: ¥1,000~
- Wine by the bottle: ¥5,000 ~


DAY 3: October 16th (Mon) from 13:00

Bistro Le Glouton

Professional tasting event. We will be showcasing nationally rare wines from Toyama. No reservations are necessary so please feel free to attend!