About Us

The Beginning

apéro.’s story started in 2014 when we came from France to open a wine bar and restaurant in Tokyo (Aoyama). We created this place, driven by the idea of offering a new approach of French gastronomy and wines.

We pride ourselves on a thoroughly thought through sourcing and a great sense of hospitality. We believe good products and nice people make great experiences, and that what we care about the most: great experiences, great memories about sharing wines, feel the French pace of life, enjoy gastronomy in a simple way.

Over the years we build a constant community with customers, winemakers and farmers sharing the same desire of making a more sustainable future from the environment point of view and the economic aspect.

In 2021, we launched aperowines.com and we hope we can grow this community and spread the joy of drinking good wines. Our moto is: Wine differently. Wine differently, from the wine making to the wine consumption. We believe in changes, drink differently and help us make the world different 😊


It’s not only the two of us now, we have slowly grown our team with exceptional individuals that we believe are a key part of our success.

We all work together on sourcing exceptional wines directly from wineries in France and we enjoy this very much.

Our first job is hospitality and obviously we wish to offer the best possible service, we are also passionate about strong relationship we happen to build with our customers.

Let’s stay connected on-line or off-line to share our best experiences and emotions with wine.


Our sourcing is a key part of our concept, we believe the specifications we follow make our selection unique.

First of all, of course the wine has to taste really good, but furthermore we are looking for wineries with values and commitments.

Let’s say it again: “wine differently”!

Because we buy wine from people who believes in sustainable agriculture and sustainable business.

The winemakers we work with and the wines they are making carry some stories, they are made from a delicate balance of natural process and human skills.

We are convinced that through those people, us and you together, can make a difference for the future.