What is the apéro. wine club?

It's a wine subscription featuring two carefully selected bottles delivered to your door every month. But it's not just about wine; it's about embracing wine culture, supporting producers, and fostering a sustainable lifestyle. Since 2014, we've built a vibrant community that gathers around meaningful projects to celebrate good wine, good music, and more... Let's join the club!

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Natural wines at your door

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Indulge in natural wines thoughtfully curated by apéro.'s French team – the perfect selection for enjoying at home.

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Organic wine

A detailed introduction to the wines and the winemakers

apéro. wine love

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For wine lovers eager to join the thriving apéro. community – It's more than wine; it's a lifestyle.

2 bottles

Organic wine

A detailed introduction to the wines and the winemakers

FREE access and exclusive perks to all our events

Don’t mess with my wine

Enjoy the world's finest, one sip at a time


Exceptional wines for refined tastings from our favorite producers in France, Australia, and around the world. The complete apéro. experience and vibrant community.

1 or 2 bottle(s) (depending on the rarity of the bottle)

Unique wines ONLY

A detailed introduction to the wines and the winemakers

FREE access and exclusive perks to all our events

Invitation to winemaker events, private sales & auctions

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Monthly fees

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A bottle opener and a glass cork offered to new subscribers

A detailed introduction to the wines and the winemakers

Free pick up in Aoyama or Kyojima

10% OFF on all our wines, permanently

Free access & exclusive perks to all our events

Invitation to winemaker events, private sales & auctions

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apéro. wine love
Don’t mess with my wine
  • Discover unique wines

    Our sourcing is a key part of our concept: We are a French (yet open-minded) team who have built strong relationships with sustainable, human-sized wineries in France and Australia. It's an intimate wine selection that reflects the passion and commitment of the winemakers we love the most. We share with you our latest crushes, our all-time favorites that have given us goosebumps.

  • Designed for Parties

    We believe that wine, and gastronomy in general, has no other purpose than to be shared. We became wine importers and distributors after many years of experience in the hospitality industry. When we produce our events, we aim to create the perfect atmosphere: finding the right place, playing the right music, gathering the right people, and somehow the magic happens... This is what we are passionate about and what we want to offer to our Wine Club members.

  • A vibrant community

    By joining our Wine Club, you will be joining an online and offline community. Our business also consists of a restaurant in Tokyo (Aoyama) and a wine shop in Kyojima, Sumida-ku, both of which are deeply involved in their local communities. We value all the opportunities we have to meet you in person and share our passion. That's why we manage to hold events not only in Tokyo but wherever we have connections — Zushi, Kyoto, Onomichi, Toyama, and more. 

Wine Differently.

We are a French Family living in Japan since 2014, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredible team and a supportive community of clients and producers.

Our motto is 'Wine Differently', which reflects our passion for good wines, good work, and good life.

Join us in this journey, ça va être bien :) 

Guillaume & Chloé

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  • Jessica

    Joining the apéro. wine club was one of the best decisions I've made as a wine lover. The attention to detail and commitment to sourcing exceptional wines is evident in every box. It's like having a personalized wine journey delivered right to my doorstep!

    "no apéro. no life" since 2 months 
  • Tomo

    Before subscribing to the wine box, I was always struggling to find a good bottle in the wine shops near my house. since I started, it makes my life easier and I shine at every dinner with a special wine!
    "apéro. wine box" since 6 months 
  • Haru

    The subscription "don't mess with my wine" has truly exceeded my expectations. The quality of the wines is exceptional, and each bottle showcases the craftsmanship and dedication of the winemakers. I've discovered some hidden gems and flavors that have elevated my wine-drinking experience. I highly recommend it.

    "don't mess with my wine" since 1 year 
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Don't miss out on the next events with Rewards!

All our subscribers are at the heart of our community, and each event is our way of expressing gratitude. 

As a token of our appreciation, the subscribers of “apéro. wine love” and “Don’t mess with my wine”  will receive a free entrance or free drink at our next event!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

When is the deadline to order the winebox?

To ensure you don't miss out on the wine box of the month, be sure to place your order before the 20th of each month.

When will I receive my wine box?

We start shipping the boxes on the 4th of every month. If you order before the 20th of the month you will receive your box in the next 72 hours.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated based on two bottles and will vary depending on where you are located. The pricing follows the standard Yamato Kuroneko rates. To ensure the quality of our products, we use refrigerated delivery service for all parcels, regardless of the season. Save on shipping fees and enjoy a warm welcome by picking up your wine box at our wine shop in Kyojima or our restaurant in Aoyama.

Can I gift the winebox?

Absolutely! Our winebox makes an excellent gift for all wine lovers. During the checkout process, you can conveniently select the recipient's address for delivery.

Can I customize my wine preferences?

Our wine box offers a curated "Omakase" experience, handpicked by apéro. team. For customized sets, explore our wine sets suited to every occasion and budget. Need personalized advice? Our chat support is here for you anytime!