Domaine Sébastien David

Sébastien David's family has been making wine in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil since 1634! On its 15 hectares, it cultivates not only the star grape variety of the area Cabernet Franc, but also some Chenin Blanc. Sébastien David is a real explorer: he constantly tests and innovates both in the vineyard and the cellar, thus refreshing the image of the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil appellation. David does not use any intrants, harvests by hand and presses grapes by foot. In the cellar, he uses concrete eggs-shaped tanks, barrels placed on a rolling system which allows the wine to be gently "rocked", but also Italian amphorae for the aging of Coëf, his most famous cuvée. Sébastien David doesn't simply make wine, he is a talented creator with a distinctive outside-the-box way of approaching the profession of winemaker.