Jean-Bernard Métais

Jean-Bernard Metais is not just a talented sculptor, photographer, and winemaker – he's a true artist who channels his passion and creativity to celebrate the rich heritage of the Metais family. Nestled in the village of Courdemanche in Loire Valley, the estate has been producing wines since the 15th century and, believe it or not, the stone vaults of the Château still house wines from the 18th century that we had the incredible opportunity to taste (and let me tell you, they were absolutely stunning!). That alone is a truly remarkable thing to even experience, but it doesn’t stop there. Jean-Bernard Metais goes above and beyond to preserve age-old vine growing and winemaking techniques, embracing the timeless wisdom of traditional viticulture. Each grapevine is lovingly tended to by skilled hands, forging a deep connection between the winemakers and the land. This dedication to the soil and a more rustic approach infuses every grape with character and every bottle with a distinctive elegance. Whether they are sparkling or still, all wines are crafted with locally grown Chenin Blanc and Pineau d'Aunis. Depending on the year, Jean-Bernard Metais may even harvest a single plot in two stages, usually about a week apart, to work with grapes of varying ripeness. Every single berry is treated as a precious work of art, mirroring the meticulous attention given to the wines themselves. Each sip reveals the harmonious blend of passion, heritage, and artistry that defines Jean-Bernard Metais and the extraordinary wines he creates.
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