Watching Sumida Fireworks in Style

At apéro. wine shop, we are fortunate to be in the perfect location to enjoy the renowned Sumida Hanabi fireworks festival, which truly captures the essence of Japanese summer with its relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Here is our guide to experiencing the best of Hanabi:

1. The Perfect Wine

With the konbini likely to be crowded, don't worry, we've got you covered with our limited edition wine sets that are perfect for savoring with your friends while being enchanted by the fireworks display.

2. The Best Spots

Of course, the right spot is crucial, and we have two recommendations for you: Shioiri Park and Sumida Park.

3. The Outfit: Yukata for a Cool Summer

There's no better time of the year to wear a Yukata than in summer! Our cool neighbors and fellow wine lovers, Ronski and Hiroko, can give you the best experience with a photoshoot to capture these memorable moments forever!

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Limited Edition

Free gift !


As a token of our appreciation, we have a special gift just for you. Until August 31st, when you visit our shop to purchase wine or conveniently order online for pick-up in our Kyojima shop, we'll present you with an original apéro. tenugui or a stylish bottle opener

Cheers, and we can't wait to welcome you at apéro. wine shop!

Upcoming fireworks events


7/25(火) 19:20-20:30 第57回葛飾納涼花火大会
📍東京都葛飾区 / 葛飾区柴又野球場(江戸川河川敷)

7/29(土) 19:00−20:30 第46回隅田川花火大会
📍東京都台東区 / 桜橋下流~言問橋上流(第一会場)、駒形橋下流~厩橋上流(第二会場)

7/29(土) 19:00-20:10 八王子まつり 花火大会
📍東京都八王子市 / 冨士森公園

7/29(土) 19:00-20:00 立川まつり 国営昭和記念公園花火大会
📍東京都立川市 / 国営昭和記念公園

7/31(月) 19:30−20:00 みなとみらいスマートフェスティバル 2023
📍神奈川県横浜市中区 / みなとみらい21地区

8/5(土) 19:00−20:30 第64回いたばし花火大会
📍東京都板橋区 / 板橋区 荒川河川敷

8/5(土) 19:15-20:30 第48回 江戸川区花火大会
📍東京都江戸川区 / 江戸川河川敷(都立篠崎公園先)

8/12(土) 19:30−20:30 2023 神宮外苑花火大会
📍東京都新宿区 / 明治神宮外苑


July 25th 19:20-20:30 Katsushika Noryo Fireworks
📍Katsushika-ku,Tokyo/ Shibamata Baseball Court

July 29th 19:00−20:30 Sumida River Fireworks
📍Taito-ku,Tokyo / Sumida River (Zone: Sakura Bridge - Umaya Bridge)

July 29th 19:00-20:10 Hachioji Festival
📍Hachioji, Tokyo / Fujimori Park

July 29th 19:00-20:00 Tachikawa Festival
📍Tachikawa, Tokyo / Showa Memorial Park

July 31st 19:30−20:00 Minatomirai Smart Festival 2023
📍Yokohama, Kanagawa /Minatomirai District 21

August 5th 19:00−20:30 Itabashi Fireworks Festival
📍Itabashi-ku, Tokyo / Arakawa River

August 5th 19:15-20:30 Edogawa Fireworks Festival
📍Edogawa-ku, Tokyo / Edogawa River

August 12th 19:30−20:30 2023 Jingu Gaien Fireworks
📍Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Meiji Jingu Gaien